Tricot Chic SS24

Tricot Chic

Tricot Chic, founded in 1972 in Italy, is renowned for its ready-to-wear and specialized knitwear. Combining fine yarns, technical fabrics, delicate laces, perforated leather, and faux fur, Tricot Chic creates surprising three-dimensional effects, showcasing creativity and innovation. Each piece exudes elegance and individuality, crafted with meticulous attention to detail.

The brand caters to women seeking unique, versatile pieces for their wardrobe. Its exclusive premium collection reflects years of expertise, offering sophistication and flexibility. Tricot Chic transforms singular yarns into bespoke garments, epitomizing the art of real made in Italy.

With a commitment to maintaining its manufacturing entirely in Italy, Tricot Chic underscores its dedication to the essence of “Made in Italy.” This commitment resonates with global consumers who appreciate Italian craftsmanship and creativity. From standout knitwear to versatile separates, Tricot Chic’s collection elevates everyday ensembles with luxury and sophistication, creating timeless elegance for the modern woman.