About Us

Joanna Edwards, a seasoned retailer, entered the fashion industry by opening her first boutique in Royal Tunbridge Wells in 2001. Fashion is deeply ingrained in her heritage, with both her mother and father boasting over 40 years of industry experience. With fashion in her blood, Joanna’s career choice was a natural progression.

Celebrating nearly two decades as an agent, Joanna attributes her success to a forward-thinking approach, always seeking new and exclusive additions for the UK and Irish markets. At JEAgency, her goal is to curate collections that resonate with both her boutiques and customers, employing an honest, personalized, and common-sense approach to buying.

With our showroom/boutique in Kent, Joanna now has the flexibility to engage with customers beyond the primary selling season. She and her team visit stockists between seasons, gaining insights into the area and style preferences of their customer base, providing a better understanding of their business profile. Following deliveries, Joanna or a team member may visit boutiques to inspire staff on collection presentation and sales strategies.

This exposure not only benefits the designers carried by JEAgency but also enhances brand awareness, contributing to mutual benefits for both designers and retailers associated with the agency.