Xenia Design

Created and manufactured in Cakovec, Croatia. Xenia Design creates architectural designs with casual luxury for the fashion savvy.With the combination of soft fluid fabrics in contrast with firm textures make every model appear comfortable and desirable.The collection offers unlimited variations in combining each model with another that expresses the well known timeless XD dimension.

XD offers the busy woman a capsule wardrobe of striking pieces for everyday and events in the social calender.

When I first sold Xenia Design in my boutique I was amazed at the diversity of the customer buying into the look. I have complete faith in the brand to deliver the right clothing for my customer season upon season while educating them to move forward and test their personality with styling. I couldn’t be more proud to say i stock Xenia Design.

Customer comment-‘Thank you for introducing me to a brand that excites me and lets me create my own individual style’

‘XD is ageless, stylish and full of character just like its customers’

As one of the pioneers of Croatian fashion avant-garde, XD XENIA DESIGN has never been the one to follow global trends, striving to create its own individual and innovative aesthetic instead. This willingness to create its own path, rather than following a well-established one, made XD XENIA DESIGN a household name with more than 350 stores around the globe today.