Lofina shoes have been designed in Denmark, where the designers especially focus on a timeless and classical design, adding something new and different. This design is exactly what makes Lofina shoes what they are, classic shoes with a modern and Scandinavian twist.

The Lofina shoes are bought to life in Italy, at a small family owned factory in Le Marche. The shoes are made by hand. Comfort and quality are two of the keywords that describe Lofina shoes. Great pleasure is taken in preserving these two keywords throughout all of the collections.
Every single Lofina shoe has it’s own unique appearance and none of the shoes are identical.
After the shoes have been shown, they are all polished by hand as we don’t like them to look too shiny and new. This process encourages the individuality of the shoes even more.
The shoes are then packed in pairs, wrapped and placed in the white shoeboxes and wished a safe journey. Finally the shoes are placed on a shelf at one of the many Lofina retailers located around the world, waiting for the right customer to stop by and fall in love!
Make sure you take some time to sit back and enjoy our Lofina Story video below……