Sweet Matitos

Sweet Matitos is a brand born out of a passion for small details, colour, elegance,luxurious fabrics, style and beauty.  Everything they do is stamped with their self-created hallmark and a numerical reference to that garments sequence in production.

We are so excited to be able to offer our top independent boutiques to represent this brand with exclusivity.  The workmanship and quality of fabrics will rival the leaders in the fashion world.  Sweet Matitos offer separates including full length skirts, knitwear, fabulous trousers, maxi dresses and jackets that may be worn from chic day to glamorous evening.  The collection also includes shoes, bags and jewellery to rival no other.

Sweet Matitos is the dream of working and romantic couple, Matias and Tito.  They have built a microcosm which encapsulates their Sweet Matitios lifestyle and are sincere, uncomplicated and without false appearances.

At the Joanna Edwards Agency we have no doubt that this brand will break fashion barriers and move forward in lifestyle concept.


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